Overview of the Institution and Key Personnel

Brazilian Node:

The node is centered at IAG-USP (Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences, University of São Paulo) with cooperation of the Center for Marine Studies of the Federal University of Paraná (CEM-UFPR) and is led by Dr. Ricardo de Camargo (IAG), with the cooperation of Dr. Eduardo Marone (CEM). Both institutions account for more than 100 research scientists and are the home of undergraduate and graduate courses, accounting for several hundreds of students in both levels.

Dr. Ricardo de Camargo is a physicist at Ocean Modeling Group of IAG, with a MSc in Oceanography and a PhD in Meteorology and his main field is numerical modeling of atmosphere and ocean, including coupled modeling.

Dr. Eduardo Marone is the head of the Marine Physics Group at CEM. He is a physicist with a MSc in Physics and a PhD in Oceanography, working with sea-level and coastal and estuarine oceanography, and was the Vice-Chairman of the C-GOOS/UNESCO-IOC Panel.