LRF Global Network to Improve Prediction of Extreme Marine Events brings together researchers in Oceanography and Climate Physics from Canada, Australia, the UK and Brazil to improve predictions of extreme marine events.

Prediction of extreme events is a complex technical problem involving an understanding of local and global weather systems and their interaction with the oceans and ice caps, occupying researchers for many decades. However, with the advent of powerful computer arrays together with more advanced physical models, it is now becoming possible to include the many variables in a realistic manner and thereby move towards accurate predictions. Moreover, the global communications infrastructure now enables researchers to collaborate across the globe and to share knowledge.

We have established an international network of researchers to improve short-term forecasts of extreme marine events, and estimate the frequency of extreme marine events over coming decades with realistic measures of uncertainty.

The network will develop new models and statistical methodologies, train graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and present the results in a way that is useful for scientists, users and the general public.