Ian Simmonds

School of Earth Sciences
The University of Melbourne
Parkville, Victoria 3010
Tel: + 61 03 8344 7216
Fax: + 61 03 8344 7761

Professor Ian Simmonds has a broad range of research interests in weather and climate. These include climate variability and change, land-atmosphere processes, air-sea interaction, data analysis, modelling for weather and climate, and the behaviour and influence of Antarctic and Arctic sea ice. Other areas of active interest are urban climates, the global balances and transport of carbon dioxide and methane, the use of stable water isotopes in weather and climate diagnosis, and the circulation of the polar regions.

Ian has especial interests in the diagnosis and evolution of storms. These include the identification of the processes associated with the initiation of polar lows, tropical cyclones and mid-latitude synoptic systems.

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