Gary Brassington

Bureau of Meteorology
GPO Box 1289
Melbourne, 3001
Tel:  03 9669 4170
Fax: 03 9669 4160

Dr. Gary Brassington is the node leader for the Australian node of the Network.

Dr. Brassington is a Principal Research Scientist with the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR), a partnership between the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO. He joined the then BMRC in 2004. Dr. Brassington is the lead scientist for ocean forecasting at the Bureau of Meteorology and a principal investigator for the BLUElink project a partnership of Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and Royal Australian Navy.

Dr. Brassington headed the research and development team for the Ocean Model Analysis and Prediction System (OceanMAPS), within the BLUElink project, which was implemented as Australia's first ocean forecasting system through the Bureau of Meteorology. OceanMAPS has been in continuous operation since 2007 providing a range of services to the Australian ocean community ( This team was awarded the Bureau of Meteorology team excellence award, in 2008. Dr. Brassington subsequently lead the development and implementation of OceanMAPSv2 as an upgraded operational system in 2011. Dr Brassington is currently principle investigator for BLUElink-3, a follow-on project to enhance ocean prediction performance and develop a coupled limited area model (CLAM) as a coupled prediction system for tropical cyclones.

Dr. Brassington is the current and inaugural chair (since 2008) of the Expert Team for Operational Ocean Forecasting Systems (ET-OOFS) for the Joint WMO-IOC technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM). ET-OOFS is an international team of experts that pursues a range of supporting activities to promote improved performance of operational ocean forecasting services at existing centres and promote capacity development in new centres. Dr. Brassington is a member (since 2006) of the Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment steering team (GODAE-ST) and follow-on GODAE OceanView (GOV-ST) which promotes research and development for ocean forecasting.

Dr. Brassington holds a BSc(honours) and PhD from the University of New South Wales. with his doctorate entitled “Accurate methods for a free-surface, nonhydrostatic ocean model”. Prior to joining the Bureau of Meteorology Dr. Brassington held Postdoctoral research fellowship's at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, James Cook University, Townsville followed by the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Science, Oregon State University, Oregon, USA. Dr. Brassington has published over 40 peer reviewed books and journal articles on a range of topics including ocean modelling, ocean data assimilation, ocean observing systems and ocean prediction.

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